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It appears I didn't get around to make any blogposts this year, so to fix that and given that that the internet can always use more pictures of cats:

Hacker cat

What Zappa was working on will likely always remain a mystery.

Posted Wed Jul 11 21:55:41 2012 Tags: life

While trying the new Meego Tablet preview today the cat of some of my friends was nice enough to provide support for the ExoPC during the initial installation..

Meego cat support

I can recommend some feline assistance whenever installing things on an ExoPC.

Posted Sat Apr 2 00:05:20 2011 Tags: life

Sometimes life has its own way of telling you that you should have just stayed in bed. For instance the following might happen when you're cycling back after doing some sunday afternoon groceries.

Rear tire piercing

Oh well, guess it's time for a nice walk to get some fresh new inner tubes.

Posted Sun Feb 13 17:08:28 2011 Tags: life