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A long time ago, 2006 according to git, I started helping out on the Pulseaudio packaging team. Didn't have much time back then, but that was fine as there was a quite active maintainer involved in the Team. Unfortunately for various reasons he no longer had time for his Debian work, since, oh around end of 2008. With myself not gaining more time (quite the contrary), that means the pulseaudio packaging hasn't had a lot of love for quite some time...

Updating the packaging for the lastest Pulseaudio release last weekend reminded me (again) that some fresh blood in pkg-pulseaudio would really be quite welcome. So for anyone that's looking for some nice new challenges, is interested in how pulseaudio and audio on linux in general works, and would like to help integrating pulseaudio in Debian even better please let us know and come join the team :)

Posted Tue Dec 7 03:30:27 2010 Tags: debian